“Si.V” Ltd
Serhiy Andriyev
Country: Ukraine
Where: Kyiv
Year: 2016
13 065 sq.m
World record

The grand flower carpet in the image of flag, with an area of 13,065 sq.m., bedded on Flag Day in Pyrohiv near Kyiv deserved a particular esteem. It was simultaneously the largest representation of the state flag of Ukraine and the largest flower arrangement on Earth. The record was planned for the Campaign “The Flag of Ukraine is the Flag of Peace!”, launched by Serhiy Andriyev, publisher of the newspaper “Silskiy Visnyk”, and “Si.V” enterprise; the project was coordinated by Serhiy Lysenko.  In total, the giant flowerbed sized 161.1 m x 81.1 m held more than a million of plants.