The story began in 1989 when the All-Union Club of Unusual Record-Holders was founded in Moscow under the auspices of Sovietsky Sport, the most popular daily Soviet national sports newspaper. Valentyn Shcherbachov, a famous USSR sports journalist from Kiev, became appointed Chairman of the Club. As well as sports journalism, Valentyn Shcherbachov`s hobby included collecting unusual records, therefore the decision for his appointment encapsulated his interests naturally. Since his hobby became a chosen profession, every uncommon achievement made throughout USSR, and later throughout Ukraine and across the world, has been evidenced by Shcherbachov`s signature. It took him 13 years to compile records for his Book of Unusual Records of Ukraine which was published in 2002.

On 1 October 2010, whilst attending a press-conference in UNIAN news agency Valentyn Shcherbachov, Vitaliy Zorin and Vladislav Reznikov announced the new name for Shcherbachov`s project – the National Register of Records (NRR). During 2 years of united efforts and resources the three enthusiasts adjudicated and certified more than 200 remarkable records. Their team work resulted in the first full-coloured edition of Ukraine Book of Records which was presented to the general reading public and media on 25 December 2012. The book aroused tremendous interest among readers and new record-seekers. Eventually, a new collection of great national and international achievements was published. In the next 2 years we received around 1000 record claims. We were growing! In 2016 we had to open representative offices in other regions to satisfy demand.

In 2017 we started feeling cramped within our national borders, and the yearend saw a team of our representatives in other countries to adjudicate records “on the spot”. Despite the pandemic, foreign business trips are becoming part of our routine work to verify national and world records. In November 2021 our latest book of records -2022 has taken shape for publication.