Do you have a record-breaking idea?

Do you have special skills, talents or achievements to show to other people? Are you fit enough to break an existing record?  Do you have an extraordinary record idea but you don’t know the way to implement it? We believe that everyone should have a chance – get in touch with us!

Apply for a record

First, tell us about your intention to break or set a record. Register yourself in our web-site, it should not take more than few minutes. Then, from your profile page, click on “Apply for a Record” button, fill in the form and tell us briefly about your record idea. We will evaluate it and will come back to you soon with our solution via your online account.

Processing your application

You can track the status of your application on your profile page. At first, you will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application. Please, keep in mind that sometimes the first review of your application can take up to 30 days. So, please, be patient. However, if you need a faster response from us, you can use our Priority Review service by paying an equivalent of EUR 100 to our bank account. In this case your application will be considered within 5 working days. Please note that this payment does not guarantee that your application will be approved, it only speeds up the processing time and we do not pay a refund.

Supplying evidence

Depending on the nature of your record attempt you might be asked to provide us some evidence which confirms your record attempt. This might include photographs or video, birth certificate or professional qualifications, witness statements or other proofs.  As you understand, each record is different.

Expert assessment

Your record idea, as well as evidence provided, will be assessed by a group of our expert consultants on our weekly meetings. After the assessment you will receive a message that your attempt is either approved, in case it can qualify for a record, or …rejected. It can happen that due to some reasons your application might be rejected. In this case we will send you the details of the current record which you will have to beat, or explain a reason why it cannot be approved by us. Do not get upset in this case, usually we do also suggest a solution for your future attempt.

If your application is approved

If your record attempt has been approved by our expert committee you will receive an appropriate e-mail to your account.  Please note that in most of cases we do charge a fee for our services which covers the cost of work of expert consultants, filing and maintaining record documents in our archive, working with mass media channels, issuing the certificate of record, publishing information of the record on our web-site and in our yearly hard-cover edition of the book of records. One copy of the book and one copy of the certificate of record will also be sent to the successful applicant at our cost. However, we are unable to refund the fee in case of your unsuccessful attempt.

Inviting an adjudicator

In some cases you might want to invite our official judge to attend your record attempt or your record celebration event in order to provide you with the certificate of your record on the spot. This is possible and sometimes can even facilitate the evidence supplying procedure. Please, keep in mind that in this case you will also be charged for the air flight tickets and for 2 nights of accommodation in a hotel on top of our service fee. However, it many cases it might worth the cost.

Recognizing your record

If your record is recognized by us, you will be awarded with our certificate of record confirming your achievement. The record will enter our archives forever as well as it will appear on our international web-site with photos and relevant information. Your achievement will also be published in our yearly full colour edition of the book of records, one copy of which you will get free of charge. Congratulations!  Welcome to the international family of record-holders!