Attakrit Jeanmahun
Country: Thailand
Year: 2017
11,125 comic books
National record

Attakrit Jeanmahun form Thailand collects different types of paraphernalia such as antique toys, superhero models, etc. However, the collection he adores is his Thai comic books.  Attakrit`s comic books are far from ordinary, they are rare antique comics that nowadays cannot be easily found in shops or publishing houses as they were released prior to 1997. The stories contained in the comics are ghost stories, science fiction, and moral tales. Once, their original selling price was 1 baht (0.03 US), for economy reasons they were printed on 16 pages of low-quality paper. Today, however, their price in antiques shops can go as high as 1000 baht (30 US) per copy. For 30 years  Attakrit has collected 11,125 Thai comic books.