Krystian Herba
Country: Ukraine
Where: Kyiv
Year: 2018
888 steps

Who would come up with a bizarre idea to climb stairs of  a skyscraper up to the top if there is a lift in the lobby?  Perhaps only those obsessed with claustrophobia, or desperate mountaineers dreaming to see the summit of Mount Everest before they die?  Not necessarily. Krystian Herba from Rzeszow, Poland, since long ago has been purposely searching for tallest buildings in the world to climb their long stairscases….on a bicycle.  On 23 June 2018 Krystian targeted 888 steps of the tallest building in Ukraine, 35-storey Gulliver office centre in the heart of Kyiv, and set the record of Ukraine by pedalling it up in 17 minutes and 10 seconds without supporting himself with hands or feet. The cameramen, journalists, as well as the adjudicator who were following him all way along came to the point of absolute exhaustion when Krystian reached the top. Other reasonable observers did take a lift.